Bridal Wedding Accessories

This darling, white-beaded wedding clutch is just the thing you need to round out your walk to wedded bliss. The exquisite beading patterns on this charming wedding clutch exude sophistication and discerning taste.

When choosing your wedding accessories, it’s all about the finer points. The artful embellishment of this wedding clutch is further accented by a hint of ivory that’s a subtle nod to luxury. The clasp is a solitary chrome pearl that is as sturdy as it is alluring.

This wedding clutch comes with a handy detachable metal shoulder chain so you can either flaunt it at your side, or grasp it more conservatively in your hand. At 20 x 5 x 11 centimeters, it is the perfect size to hold a cellphone to capture those all-important wedding day memories, or make up accessories for a spot of touching-up.

Your wedding dress is perfect; all you need for that extra flourish is the touch of elegance that this clutch has in spades. Extremely versatile, this wedding clutch can go from bohemian chic wedding to formal nuptials in no time flat. While there’s no way wedding accessories could outshine the bride, this wedding clutch will certainly come in at a close second in the belle of the ball race!

Order your Boho Chic white-beaded wedding clutch today and add that special sparkle to the most momentous day of your life.


Size(CM): 20 X 5 X 11

Comes with a Detachable Long Metal Shoulder Chain.
Weight 0.5 kg

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